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Cayo Costa State Park

There are hundreds of acres of pine forests, oak-palm hammocks, and mangrove swamps.


FL 33924, United States

Phone: 941-964-0375

8am–5pm,  365 days

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Cayo Costa State Park

With nine miles of gorgeous beaches, acres of pine forests, oak-palm hammocks, and mangrove swamps, this barrier island park is a Gulf Coast paradise. Only a private boat or ferry can transport you to the park. In the park’s waters, visitors might spot manatees, dolphin pods, and a wide variety of birds. Visitors to the island can relax in the sun, swim or snorkel in the waves, and have picnics under cover. Winter is a great time to go shelling.The possibility of hiking and off-road biking exists on nature routes.

Anglers in seawater can cast a line into the surf or fish from their boats. Educational programs about the island’s ecology and history are presented in an amphitheater. For overnight visits, the park offers both tent camping and rustic accommodations. For ferry information and reservations, call (239) 283-0015 today. East of Cayo Costa and west of Cape Coral and N. Ft. Meyers, at 13921 Waterfront Drive in Pineland, Florida, 33945, is where you’ll find Pineland Marina.



Boaters are welcome to spend the night at our bayside park dock, which has easy access to bayside restrooms.

First come, first served is the only policy that applies to reservations.

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Swim in the Gulf of Mexico’s crystal-clear, azure waters. A memorable experience can be had by sunbathing and shell-collecting on our nine kilometres of stunning beaches.


Wildlife viewing

Among the animals you might see while there are manatees, porpoises, and a large number of shorebirds.

Sea turtles and numerous shorebird species nest on our beaches. Late winter through early spring is when birds breed.

Sea turtles begin to lay their eggs in May and continue doing so through October.

Every nest is identified clearly and is protected by the law.

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In the pristine, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling is a well-liked pastime. It is necessary for you to bring your own tools.

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Where to Camp?

Cayo Costa is an isolated island with 30 tent campsites. Each campsite features a ground grill, a picnic table, and water. There are no places with electricity.

The campground is near to the beach and has fair amounts of sunshine. Nearby restrooms provide flush toilets and cold showers.

Tram service is offered to bring campers and their gear to the campground from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ahead of 10:00 a.m. After 4 p.m., campers are in charge of carrying their own equipment in and out. Approximately one mile separates the docks from the camping area.

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