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Ricketts Glen State Park

With its breathtaking glens and magnificent waterfalls, Ricketts Glen State Park is a true gem in the Pennsylvania state park system. The park, which is 13,000 acres in size and is situated in the northeastern region of the state, is home to 22 waterfalls, including the imposing 94-foot-tall Ganoga Falls. In addition, the park is home to Lake Jean, a 245-acre lake that serves as both a picturesque background for the campground and a location for summertime guests to cool off.

The history of Ricketts Glen State Park is as impressive as its natural beauty. Army colonel Robert Bruce Ricketts, who held 80,000 acres of land in the region for its timber, was its initial owner. The area was first preserved by Ricketts’ heirs in the 1920s, and in 1942, the state of Pennsylvania purchased a 1,200-acre tract, which resulted in the establishment of a state park. In 1944, the park was declared open to the public.

Over 100 campsites are available for RV and trailer camping at Ricketts Glen State Park. Since the park is available all year round, any time of year is a terrific time to go camping and engage in outdoor activities there. Visitors can go hiking, swimming and boating in the summer, and the cooler months are ideal for going fishing, going hunting and going skiing. The park is a well-liked location for seeing wildlife and birds.

For those who prefer a more pleasant camping experience, the park also has a handful of cabin rentals in addition to the campsites. The cottages offer a warm haven throughout the winter and a chance to enjoy everything the park has to offer regardless of the weather.

In general, Ricketts Glen State Park is a must-visit location for everyone seeking to take in the splendour of Pennsylvania’s great outdoors. It definitely has something for everyone with its magnificent waterfalls, lovely glens, and rich history.

Sledding and Playing

For people of all ages, playing in the snow can be a fun and thrilling activity, and Ricketts Glen State Park is the ideal location. The park transforms into a winter paradise with plenty of chances for outdoor recreation when it is blanketed in snow.

The construction of snow sculptures is one of the most well-liked wintertime activities at Ricketts Glen State Park. With lots of snow available, you can build everything you can think of, from a simple snowman to a complex igloo. The whole family will enjoy this project because everyone may add their own ideas and work together to make the sculpture come to life.

In addition to creating snow sculptures, Ricketts Glen State Park offers a variety of other snow-related activities. Popular winter activities include sledding and snowball battles, which are made possible by the park’s mountainous terrain and an abundance of snow.

So, if you’re seeking for a fun and adventurous way to pass the time during the winter, think about going to Ricketts Glen State Park. It’s the ideal destination to create enduring memories with your family and friends because of its stunning snowy scenery and limitless options for outdoor play.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is the ideal hobby for you if you appreciate being outside and the thrill of the catch. And Ricketts Glen State Park is the ideal location to practise ice fishing. The 245-acre Lake Jean in the park is a well-liked location for ice fishing because it has a variety of fish species lurking beneath the ice.

To protect your safety, there are a few steps you should follow before entering the lake. For a single person or small group, the ice should be at least four inches thick and seven inches thick, respectively. Bring any required fishing licences, as well as any additional equipment you’ll need for an effective day of ice fishing.

Once everything is set up, you can begin fishing! When ice fishing, you can employ a variety of methods, such as digging a hole in the ice and luring fish with a line and bait. Some individuals choose using specialised ice fishing equipment, like an ice auger to create the holes or an ice skimmer to maintain them clear of slush.

In any case, ice fishing at Ricketts Glen State Park is a fantastic way to spend a chilly winter day. You can reel in a prize catch with a little perseverance and good fortune, and you can delight in an enjoyable and fulfilling outdoor experience.

ricketts glen state park hiking track


There are 26 miles of trails to explore at Ricketts Glen State Park, making hiking a popular activity there. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a novice, you’ll find a trail that matches your skills and preferences.

The Falls Trail, a seven-mile loop that takes you to the upper and lower levels of the falls and highlights 21 of the park’s 22 waterfalls along the way, is one of the most well-known trails in Ricketts Glen State Park. With its steep inclines and rocky terrain, this trail is regarded as the most difficult in the park, but the views of the magnificent waterfalls make the effort worthwhile.

Try the Evergreen track, a mile-long self-guided track that passes through an old-growth forest with trees that date back to before Columbus, for a quicker and simpler hike. The splendour of the park’s trees can be enjoyed on this trail without having to take a long or difficult hike.

Regardless of the trail you pick, hiking at Ricketts Glen State Park will be rewarding and fun. So take your water bottle, pack your hiking boots, and hit the trails!


The best way to enjoy a day at Ricketts Glen State Park is to go picnicking. Along Lake Jean, the park features numerous dedicated picnic sites with tables and charcoal grills. These locations are ideal for spreading out a blanket and having a picnic with friends and family.

The park’s picnic sites provide picnic tables and grills in addition to neighbouring toilets and hiking paths, making it simple to spend a whole day there. You can even reserve the picnic pavilion in advance if you’re organising a bigger gathering and want to utilise the park’s amenities.

It’s usually a good idea to carry plenty of water and food for your picnic in order to stay hydrated throughout the day. To keep everyone entertained, you might also want to bring along some games or activities. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you might even take a packed lunch and trek to a more isolated area of the park to eat.

Overall, enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors while surrounded by the majesty of nature is a terrific way to spend a day at Ricketts Glen State Park. So gather your loved ones, pack a picnic basket, and travel to the park for a day of entertainment and relaxation.


The beach in Ricketts Glen State Park is the ideal location if you want to cool off and have fun in the water while you’re there. The beach, which is 600 feet long and is situated on Lake Jean’s southeast edge, has plenty of room for swimming and sunbathing.

There is plenty of time to enjoy the ocean and the warm summer weather because the park’s beach is open from eight in the morning until sunset. You can swim at the beach at your own risk, or you can just laze around on the sand and enjoy the sunshine.

The beach at Ricketts Glen State Park is a fantastic place for other water sports in addition to swimming. You can explore the lake with a kayak or canoe that you’ve brought along, or you can learn how to stand-up paddleboard. You may take advantage of everything the lake has to offer via fishing and boating, which are both abundant alternatives.

Therefore, remember to bring your swimsuit when you visit Ricketts Glen State Park. It’s the ideal place to cool off and have fun in the water with its gorgeous beach and pleasant summer climate.


It’s understandable why boating is a well-liked sport at Ricketts Glen State Park. The 245-acre Lake Jean in the park is a stunning body of water that is ideal for a morning paddle or an afternoon spent on a boat. You can bring your own boat to the park and launch it from one of the two boat launches if you have one. Make sure your boat’s registration is on board.

No problem if you don’t have a boat of your own. During the summer, Ricketts Glen State Park rents out rowboats, canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks. This is a fantastic way to take in the lake’s splendour and everything it has to offer.

Lake Jean is a well-liked location for fishing and other water sports in addition to boating. At Ricketts Glen State Park, there is something for everyone, whether you’re casting a line in pursuit of the ideal catch or just taking it easy while paddling about the lake.

So get ready for a day of aquatic fun by packing your swimsuit and water toys and heading to Ricketts Glen State Park. You’ll definitely have a terrific day and make some wonderful memories.

ricketts glen state park hiking track


You’re in luck if you’re planning a winter camping vacation to Ricketts Glen State Park and you enjoy skiing or snowboarding. The Pocono Mountains, a well-liked Pennsylvania winter sports destination, are not far from the park.

The Poconos have a long history of producing top-notch ski resorts and mountains that cater to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. A number of ski resorts and mountains, including Camelback Mountain, Shawnee Mountain, and Jack Frost Mountain, are accessible within an hour of Ricketts Glen State Park.

Even though Ricketts Glen State Park does not lend out equipment, you may simply rent any required gear from nearby ski shops. If you don’t have your own equipment or if you want to try out several types of equipment, this is a fantastic alternative.

For those wishing to experience skiing and snowboarding in the Pocono Mountains, Ricketts Glen State Park makes a terrific basecamp. It’s the ideal site to organise a winter sports vacation due to its handy position and easy access to ski areas and mountains.

Where to Camp?

There are a few options available when looking for a campsite at Ricketts Glen State Park. The campground in the park contains 120 sites and is split into the “Big Loop” and the “Small Loop.” Both loops have a selection of RV and tent campsites, some of which have lakeside access and others that allow pets.

There are both RV and tent sites available at The Big Loop, which is open from April to October. Size limitations vary by location, and the majority of the sites are back-in only. If your RV is no longer than 50 feet, you should be able to find a site. A picnic table and a fire ring are provided at each campground along the Big Loop, and there are also ADA-compliant sites available.

The Small Loop is only available to tent campers and is open all year round. Each of the pet-friendly campsites in this loop has a picnic table and a fire ring. Numerous winter camping cottages may be found on The Small Loop, offering a warm spot to stay in the chilly months.

Both the Big Loop and the Small Loop have water, as well as a dump station and neighbouring restrooms with flushing toilets and hot showers. On the other hand, none of the sites offer hookups.


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